Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina
Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina

Welcome to the North Carolina Artist Blacksmiths Association

NCABANA is a non-profit organization of volunteer blacksmiths, united in a common goal: the continued preservation of our craft through education, communication, demonstration, and fellowship. Our mission is rooted in the empowerment of all blacksmiths, regardless of skill level, in pursuing the highest standards of craftsmanship possible.

Mark your calendars for our Master Demonstration by Jerry Darnell at the Q4 Meeting at Roger Barbour's!

This Q4 meeting is a special opportunity to learn from a Master Blacksmith, Jerry Darnell and hosted by Roger Barbour on Saturday, December 2nd at 10:00 AM, in Clayton, NC.

Directions can be found, within the following link:

Roger Barbour's

7792 Cleveland Road, Clayton NC

This family friendly event will feature live blacksmithing demonstrations, "Iron in the Hat" raffles, incredible food, tailgate sales, and networking; we encourage you to attend!


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