Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina
Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina


We are an organization of blacksmiths who want to strengthen our community through education, hands on experience, and promote public understanding of the trade through demonstration.

Members enjoy access to scholarships, information about meetings all around the state, a subscription to our quarterly publication (digital or in print) as well as a wealth of online archives.

What's New?

Only a few weeks away from our 1st Quarter meeting at Oak Hill Iron. As per usual, tailgate sales will be held, as well as Iron In the Hat. The demonstrator will be Ellen Durkan, so look forward to an outstanding demonstration folks!

2nd Quarter meeting location will be decided soon, so please be on the lookout for that information as well. 

3rd Quarter will be back in the world of the Triad, as they host the state once again at the Dixie Fairgrounds forge. 

4th Quarter will be gratiously hosted once again by Roger Barbour out in Clayton. This is always a good time folks. 

Additional meetings are also in discussion, and any changes will be posted. 




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