Brasstown Area Group Leaders


Paul Garrett
[email protected]

Meeting Times

The Brasstown Area Blacksmiths meet on every third Tuesday at 6pm on even numbered months. Leader Paul Garrett switches between open forging and demonstrations but it's always a fun time in a beautiful location.

Brasstown Area Blacksmiths Report as of 10/30/2018

The Brasstown Blacksmiths met at Paul Garrett’s shop in October for some good food, forging, and fellowship. Among the activities, was the testing and evaluation of a new flatpack forge under development by Cloverdale Forge in Winnipeg, Canada. It is a neat little design and is meant as an entry level forge that ships in a two-foot square flat package and can be assembled with one wrench in just minutes. It is great for someone with no welding or fabrication experience. We had a great time, using it and it performed well. We could easily get a welding heat with it and found it to be very adjustable. One of the items forged was a lid lifter for a wood stove. The forge heated fast with its electric blower, but one could easily adapt a hand-crank blower to it. We also talked of plans for the upcoming Hammer In that took place on Nov 2nd here at the Folk School. There were a couple of folks that had projects planned to be completed there for the Blacksmith and Fine Craft Auction on Sat, Nov. 3rd. If you missed that one, make sure to plan on it next year. We always enjoy our time together for the meetings and much time is spent on catching up, and trading ideas. It is always a productive time. Happy forging. Paul Garrett