Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina
Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina

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Randy Stoltz

Meeting Times

The Triangle Blacksmiths held their regular meeting Saturday, May 14 at Heritage Forge on the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. We had a good number of folks turnout including a number of younger folks who got to do some forging and start learning blacksmithing.
Once again we set up two double sided propane forges for four forging stations inside the shop.  Threatening weather prevented us from setting up another forge outside under a shelter.  The propane forges are great for teaching new people, especially kids, as they are both less frustrating and cleaner to use.  Eric Campbell started the meeting off with a short discussion of valving for pneumatic power hammers. Because we had many newcomers most of the time forging was spent with our more experienced members teaching and guiding the kids basics of blacksmithing and helping them complete a simple project like a hook or decorative piece.
Thanks to Lucy and Theo we had an excellent lunch of chicken stew and salad.  Following lunch we had Iron in the Hat Raffles of donated items. Funds raised with these Iron in the Hat Raffles are used to better equip Heritage Forge and to pay expenses related to the meetings.  Recent purchases include more tongs and other tools, propane forges, and several more small anvils.
After lunch and Iron in the hat, we continued with hands on forging until the end of the meeting.  Everyone, especially the kids, seemed to have a great time.
The next Triangle Blacksmiths Meeting is
June 11, 2022 starting at 9AM
Heritage Forge on the NC State Fairgrounds
Blue Ridge Rd., Raleigh, NC
Safety Glasses are required. Bring and wear your safety glasses. Also appropriate clothing is necessary for safe forging so avoid wearing synthetics (flammable and melts easily), shorts, and open toed shoes / sandals. Minors must be accompanied by a parent who stays for the meeting. We stress safety at the meetings. Attendees come voluntarily and assume all responsibility for their safety and well being. Anyone acting in an unsafe manner or or causing a disruption will be asked to step away from the forge or to leave the meeting. Come to the meetings and have fun but please keep the safety of yourself and others in mind.  If you are unsure of something or have a question please ask me or one of the NC ABANA members on site.
At this meeting we will set up the two propane forges inside the shop for teaching newcomers and set up one forge under a shelter outside for open forging.  This will give us six forging stations (one at each end of the forges) IF we can round up enough anvils.  For safety we only want one person forging at each station - no doubling up or sharing.  So we will need volunteers to oversee / help the people forging.  People not forging or assisting should watch from a safe distance or the demo viewing area.
There will be Iron in the Hat raffles so bring something to donate. The proceeds from the Triangle area iron in the hat raffles are used to buy supplies and tools for the Triangle meetings. We will collect funds and send out for lunch like we normally do.
The Triangle Blacksmiths will continue to meet on the second Saturday of every month at Heritage Forge on the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. If you would like to demonstrate a project or skill at a Triangle area meeting please contact me (Randy Stoltz)
2022 Triangle Blacksmiths Schedule   
June 11           TBA
July 9              TBA
August 13        TBA
September 10   TBA
October 13 - 23  North Carolina State Fair  (no Meeting)


Triangle Area Blacksmith Report by Randy Stoltz

Triangle Area Blacksmiths Meetings
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