Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina
Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina

NCABANA Scholarship Fund

Section I: Name

The Name of the Scholarship Fund will be the W. Dean Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund.

W. Dean Taylor was the founding father of NCABANA. He was an undertaker by trade but was passionate about blacksmithing. He and a few others met in the Winston Salem area and talked about forming a group, hence NCABANA was started. Dean was in his shop in 1985 when he had a massive heart attack and dropped dead. This scholarship was established in his memory.

Section II: Income

Scholarship Funds may be obtained from donations, raffles, fundraisers, Iron in the Hat drawings and auctions held at any NCABANA meetings.

Section III: Types of Scholarships

There will be three types of scholarships available. The Board of Directors will decide on how many scholarships can be given each year based on available funds.

The Class Scholarship will be awarded to provide partial or full financial support to attend a class offered at a recognized institution. Level of support will be determined by the proposed course and financial need. Typically, amounts up to $1000 for a week long class would be appropriate.

The Mentor Scholarship will be awarded to provide support for a lesson outside of a school. For example, private/individual hands-on forging lesson. The amount of support will be determined by the proposed lesson and financial need. Typically amounts will be up to $100 for a day long lesson.

The Student Supplemental Scholarship is to support current enrollment in a Blacksmith training program. Typically amounts will be up to $250 for a semester of training. This Scholarship will require recommendation from a faculty member of the institution being attended in addition to other application requirements.

Section IV: Eligibility

Any member may apply for a scholarship after one full year of membership.  For the Student Supplemental Scholarship the student must have attended the program for one semester. Scholarship recipients will not be eligible for another scholarship for the next three years.

Section V: Expenses

Scholarship Funds may be used to cover tuition, materials, room and board at an established teaching facility. Other expenses are the responsibility of the recipient. Funds will not be used to attend conferences or similar dv_744_events. Funds will be paid by the Treasurer directly to the provider.  In the event that the course or workshop is cancelled, the recipient is allowed to pick another course.

Section VI: Obligations for Recipients

Scholarship recipients agree to the following obligations upon completion of the course, workshop or lesson.  

1. Submit a written report, with photos, for publication in the dv_720_newsletter.
2.  Demonstrate a technique that was learned at a NCABANA event/meeting
3.  Donate a quality hand forged object to the NCABANA.

These obligations must be completed within 6 months of completing the course, workshop or lesson. The recipient is further expected to fully attend and actively participate in the course, workshop or lesson. In the unlikely event that these obligations are not met NCABANA will expect the Recipient to pay back the amount awarded.

Section VII: Application

Applicants are responsible for obtaining information about available courses and workshops. Applicants for a scholarship should submit a written statement of purpose including an indication of what course they intend to take. Applications may be submitted to any Board Member at any time. The Board Member receiving the application will forward it (via mail or e-mail) to the scholarship committee for evaluation. Applicants are advised to submit their application at least 6 months in advance of their class.

Section VIII: Criteria for Selection

Applicants should show serious interest in learning blacksmith skills. In reviewing applications, the Board will consider, but is not limited to, the following factors:

1. The applicant must demonstrate a commitment and serious interest in blacksmithing.  For example applicants should describe their previous work, activity and achievement within NCABANA and/or other groups.
2. That the proposed class/lesson is considered to be within the blacksmith craft or a closely related craft.
3. That there is some financial assistance needed.

Section IX: Selection, Timing, and Award Notification

Scholarship recipients will be chosen by the Board of Directors. Scholarships will be awarded by a 2/3 majority voting in their favor. The Board will review and act on the application quarterly. The recipient will be notified immediately by the Treasurer of the chapter. The recipient will be announced in the next issue of the Hot Iron Sparkle dv_720_newsletter.

Board members who wish to apply for a scholarship will not participate in the selection decision.  

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