Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina
Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina

Triad Area Group Leaders


Marshall Swaringen

Meeting Times

The Triad Blacksmiths meet every first Tuesday and third Saturday of the month at the Carolina Classic Fairgrounds in Winston Salem. The Tuesday meeting begins at 6:30pm for demonstrations. The Saturday meeting starts at 9:00am and while they have a little official business during the morning, the whole day is basically a free-for-all forgefest. If there aren’t enough forges in the main building, then extras are rolled outside to make sure everyone gets a turn who wants a turn.

Triad Blacksmith updates as of 3/25/2018

Triad Area Blacksmiths started the New Year by hammering on New Year’s Day. Keith opens the shop and anybody that wants to play is welcome to join him. This is open to all NCABANA member and friends. Nothing planned or scheduled but to have a good time. Maybe next year Keith will have some pictures for us.

We will be continuing our demonstrations on Tuesday night. The demonstrations have been well received.

Our Saturday meetings will continue to be open forges. We will use any many of our portable forges as needed. We still have a lot of new people on Saturday. They receive instructions on making a drive hook, which they take home to show off.

March is a special time for our club. Ten years ago we moved our March Saturday meeting to make time for members to attend the first quarter meeting. Not only did we meet on a different Saturday, we met at Crews Iron Works. This was the beginning of a tradition. Our first meeting was just a handful of members and a pot of beans and franks for lunch. This year we had over 25 members present, a few wives and some children. We are one large family. The food has also changed. Ronnie Nifong brought his cooking equipment and prepared tenderloin sandwiches for breakfast and hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch with all the fixings!! Ronnie makes the best tender loin!! Yes we like to eat well.

The second quarter meeting will be June 23 at our shop at the Carolina Classic Fairgrounds. Demonstrators are set and they are working on their presentations. Lunch will be BBQ, slaw, rolls and chips. We will try to hold the cost to $5.00 but it depends on pork cost. We will supply drinks and water for everybody. Our members (mostly wives) will supply deserts also.

Remember the Iron in the Hat raffle and bring lots of items. Remember, they do not have to blacksmith related.

Marshall Swaringen