Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina
Artistic Blacksmiths Association of North Carolina

Vice President's Report

Vice President

Brandon Willson


It is with sadness that we have to cancel not only the 1st Quarter meeting, but also the 2020 ABANA conference. ABANA is actively working to get refunds and the like returned to those who purchased tickets in advance. Please have patience with them. 

In the mean time, reach out and talk with each other. People will tend to get a little stir crazy in a time like this, and that does not help anyone. Should anyone wish to talk during these hectic and crazy times, my phone is available. Stay safe everyone, and make some awesome stuff!

phone: (254)813-1609


VP UPDATE 3/14/2019


The scholarship fund is doing very well, and to show appreciation, we have opened the alloted scholarship amount for the year to $4,000 again. This means more opportunities for you all to take that class you want to take. The rules for the scholarships have also changed slightly, so if there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask. As soon as the amendments are finalized, they will be posted on the site. 

2 of the 4 scholarships have so far been claimed for this year. In light of the shutdown, scholarship recipients will be allowed to hold their scholarship until things open back up. Do not let the shutdown keep you from applying!


In Other News

  • Planning for the 2020 NC State Fair is in progress. Emails for scheduling will be sent out mid June. Watch out for these if you are interested in volunteering. 
  • Discussions on the SBA conference are still going strong. If you want more information, or wish to help out with the conference in 2021, contact myself or Eric Campbell. 
  • Plans are under way to draw and submit a proposal to the NC State Fairgrounds. The Triangle Blacksmiths are leading the way on a proposed gate next to the Public House at the garden entrance. Help will be needed for this endeavor. We would like participation from ALL over the state. If you want to help, contact myself or Tom Watkins for more information.  
  • The NC State Fair Heritage Forge will be swapping out more balusters this year to show our work off. If you wish to donate a baluster, be aware that the dimensions for these are slightly different than the last ones the Triangle had asked for. Contact Tom Watkins for more information. 
  • The 2nd Quarter NCABANA meeting is currently still scheduled. Information on the date and location will be posted in the coming days.